Our story

"This is the first photo I took of Camille, and the only thing I can say is that I didn't want to stop. And I did not stop indeed."


- Davide


camille minouflet photo

"We kind of met in a dark room - right ? I'm French, he's Italian, of course we were meant to live something romantic."


- Camille 


davide ragusa photo

Our passion for photography binds us together. Hence this photographing together what binds people and brings them to get married, get pregnant  and raise kids. As your team, we'll listen to your needs, we'll travel where you need us to be, we'll enjoy being part of your happiness by showing you great respect as well as a lot of creativity. 

The benefits of being a team of 2 are many: we'll offer two different perspectives, twice as much ideas and a faster delivery.

And if you love a vintage touch for your photos, no worries: we always have analog cameras and couple films with us!


You want to meet us first ? Let's get a coffee, let's skype or tell us your story via mail !