Wedding photography

Hochzeit in Hamburg

Hamburg wedding - the harbour, the pavements, the blue. The minimalist style of this northern city made this wedding very special, very nordic and so full of love.

The serenity of those photos takes you on a singular journey. Take a look, get inspired, comment if you like or tell us YOUR plan. 

Matrimonio in Sicilia

Caltagirone, Sicily - want a touch of retro? This wedding had it all: old 500, old Vespa, bow ties, elegance and style. 

Those two romantics made everybody feel their bounty of love as the atmosphere of plenitude and generosity was palpable.

Feeling a bit jealous? We were too. 

Urban nature

Hamburg - those two lovebirds made us travel without leaving the city. From the modern atmosphere of the center, the fairy touch of the ceremony location to the urban style of HafenCity and natural side of Hamburg parks, we had the full trip.  

Witness the beauty of this couple, the - happiness - and - love - they shared with all the guests and you'll understand if we say we were lucky to be there. 

Hanseatic wedding

Hanseatic - one could think that a wedding in September, in Hamburg, can be a bad idea, or at least risky.

Well, it certainly wasn’t. This beautiful sunny day started in Hafen City, symbol of this hanseatic city.

Took a French twist for lunch and turned into a pub one later.

Mix of different cultures, lively atmosphere, a lot of love and such natural beauty spread by these two newly weds.

Hochzeit in einer mühle

 Wedding at the windmill!

When you live in the city, you dream of countryside, green trees and flowers. Well, that’s what these two went for. A late summer day in a beautiful windmill with amazing people and so much love, what else would you wish for?


Lago di Garda - the see, the sun, the romance, the colours, the wine! 

No doubt about it, we're in Italy!


There was for sure a touch of luxury on that wedding day. Everything was thought out in detail, so many different dishes, so many different wines.

You just wish it would never end.

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